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Triceratops AttackThe triceratops definitely falls into one of those "Top 5" dinosaurs of my youth. Now there are so many, I hardly know where to begin. I go through my son’s dinosaur books and I am shocked at how many different names there are. I can’t keep track of all that. Plus, the names are kinda rough. Each one seems to have over seven syllables.

This was shot at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman. It’s one of the top dinosaur museums in the world and the curator is Jack Horner. I was lucky enough to get a personal tour through it with Jack… he showed me all kinda of secret stuff throughout. Awesome! I have another friend up there named Dr. David Sands who actually found one of the triceratops that is in the museum. I can’t imagine finding something that big… If I did, I think I’d tell everyone I know the first time I met them. Hi, I’m Trey, I found a Triceratops!

I also made a new page here on the site in tribute of my favorite photographer, Edward Curtis. I mentioned him in a recent interview and it occurred to me people may not know who he is! So, I put together a grouping of some of my favorite photos of his. Be sure you read the bit about his ex-wife.

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Triceratops Attack
Triceratops Attack
Triceratops Attack
Triceratops Attack
Triceratops Attack

Triceratops Attack

Triceratops Attack

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  1. I was at the DC natural history museum and tried to do some HDR… needless to say, I couldn’t get them 1/5th as clean as this one came out. You never cease to amaze.

  2. I deal with the same problem when I read to my son from his books on dinosaurs. Thankfully, one of them includes a clear guide on pronunciation 🙂

    Beautiful photo.

  3. Now I’m wishing that I’d had more time when I was blowing through Bozeman a few years back. Great shot!

  4. I Love this shot!!! It reminds me of when Jurassic Park (the movie) came out and it made me want to get into Paleontology.

  5. Thanks!

    Yes POOJAY – Jack Horner was actually the model paleontologist upon which Alan Grant was based.

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